Delivering an old service in a new way!!

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A few drinks   

Almost everyone celebrates out with friends or for other reasons. But when we drink too much alcohol, we place ourselves and others at risk.  When we are having fun, we don't think of the possible negative consequences of high-risk choices.

Sobriety Checkpoint!

A little warning sign
can equal...

Often we don't realize or think about being impaired while driving.  We don't "feel" drunk while driving.  Some of us only think about if we see this warning sign and wonder about a DUI arrest.
Drink and Gavel.. not good!

New kinds of relationships

Drivers arrested for DUI typically have to attend DUI class, visit a Clinical Evaluator, and/or take a Defensive Driver class and more if ordered.

Choose us for your DUI class or other driver education services!
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An upscale DUI School for DUI Class/Defensive Driver Courses in Savannah, GA
and serving surrounding counties:
  Bryan, Effingham, Liberty, Screven, Bulloch, Glynn (and more)

Our Prime for Life Curriculum is recognized in South Carolina, Florida and many other states as well.

"We are delivering an old service in a new way."

We are one of Savannah's newest DUI schools offering the Alcohol and Drug Risk Reduction Program (DUI Class) as well Defensive Driver Courses (Driver Improvement).

Designed with client comfort in mind, our Alcohol Drug Risk Reduction / DUI Class gives are equipped with cushioned seats, classes are clean and instruction is interesting.

You are our guest.  We want you to feel welcomed and appreciated!!
Comfortable classrooms

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A little information about our DUI Classes and Defensive Driver Course:

All fees are set by the State of Georgia.

Our 6-hour Defensive Driver Course has many advantages!  If taken for Court or DDS purposes the cost is also set by law at $95

- Reduce Points on Drivers License
- Possible Traffic Ticket Dismissal or Reduction of Charge
- Save 10% or more on auto insurance Premiums* (ask your carrier)
- Build confidence while operating a motor vehicle
- Drivers license reinstatement* (Check with DDS for requirements)

Have more questions?  Check out our FAQS page.
Our DUI Class is not a lecture.  It's an open conversation. 

The EDUCATION should not be an extension of the punishment.

You pay the same amount
for a Savannah DUI School, so if you must
do it....


We appreciate the opportunity to serve you!

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