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Customer Testimonials

"I haven't had my driver's license in over 20 years.  I finally decided to become legal.  After attending both the DUI and defensive driver courser at AAB, I passed the test!  Thank you!!"

- B. W. - Savannah, GA


"I dreaded attending a DUI class.  During the first 10 minutes, I said "I can't do this!" Ms. Kellie was kind and made the class interesting.  By Sunday, the class felt like family.  So glad I chose AAB!! Keep up the good work!!!!"

- V. S. - Savannah, GA


"I got a super speeder ticket and was scared out of my mind. I ran into Mr. Jon who said it was possible that the speed would be reduced if I took the Defensive Driver Class.  It worked!!  Thanks, Mr. Jon."

- M. L. - Savannah, GA